Stripping Ultegra 9-Speed STI Levers

Note: Incomplete

This description of the strip down and reassembly of Ultegra 9-speed STI levers has not been finished. I had hoped to do something later this year. But, Antonio Garza has beaten me to it. You'll find his website here.

Remove the screw retaining the nameplate and carefully prise the nameplate away. There is a small, and very delicate, locating tab at the bottom of the nameplate which must be eased out of the front cap. Don't fold the nameplate out but ease it away more or less parallel to it's fitted position. The tab will probably break off anyway :-(.
The Ultegra nameplate is textbook example of why plastic shouldn't be chrome plated. This cap has some crash damage but even well cared for levers loose the chrome plating after a couple of years.
Remove the screw and star washer and the front cap. Unlike Dura Ace, the front cap is simply a dust cover and housing for the nameplate.
Recover the brass washer and bush between the cap and the lever spindle.
Fold back the locking tabs and remove the rear plate retaining screw from the rear of the lever. It may very tight.